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"First say to yourself what
you would be; and then do
what you have to do."

“I just signed a contract with a publisher for my book, “Rusty Spoon, an artist’s memoir.” (Plain View Press, 2010) This happy occasion may not have been possible had I not sought your help in reshaping my manuscript into a professional work. Thank you so much for talent, effort and patience in working with me.“

-- Bertie Stroup Marah


My passion is helping people who are serious about writing and committed to writing narrative fiction or memoir. My purpose is to become your ally, and to support you, your process, and your creative vision as you grow from first idea to final edit and beyond, to the care and tending of an enduring writing career. I draw upon my experience as the author of more than 25 fiction and nonfiction books to help you reach your personal writing and publishing goals.



What writers say about Sarah’s coaching:

"…Sarah helped me move my manuscript from an awkward, rough state to "ready for submission" and a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association annual competition. Sarah was a delightful, knowledgeable, responsive, insightful, thorough, honest and sensitive partner. I always looked forward to our sessions. We had fun and we were productive. I got the straight scoop. Sarah was ready with questions and insights that helped move me forward. She was able to move fluidly from Big picture issues such as structure, character, and tension to middle picture issues such as chapter, paragraph and sentence composition, to details such as typos and punctuation.
Sarah is a thorough professional and a complete delight to work with. If you're looking for the best, her name is Sarah.” Peter Gibb

"…With the help of Sarah's grace, compassion and incredible sense of humor you somehow, finally find the courage to write your stories. In your own way, in your own unique voice, before it is too late.” Karen Kenney

“…Sarah has the touch. She inspires by gently and firmly supporting your unique creative process, raising the bar so that you want to do better for yourself and for her. Thank you Sarah for bringing your richness to my life and my writing...” Juliette Lauber

A sample of Sarah Lovett's books

What critics say about Sarah’s books:

“For mystery readers who yearn for clever plot, real characters, tense suspense, and, best of all, literate writing, here comes Sarah Lovett.” --Tony Hillerman

“Lovett’s glittering, sharp-edged, gut-wrenching story reminds readers that easy answers are hard to find…A potent novel.” --Booklist

“A meticulously written tale…If you enjoy exploring the criminal mind, you’ll love this books’ intelligent approach.” --Washington Post



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