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About Sarah Lovett

Sarah LovettMy creative path began in grade school when I declared my intention to become a dancer and a writer. I grew up to perform as a member of a small modern-jazz dance company, and then, years later, to watch in awe as my agent sold my first three novels in a publishing house bidding war that netted a six-figure advance from Random House. Simon & Schuster published my next two novels. My five psychological thrillers are translated into eleven languages and have been optioned for film and television. Two additional novels, co-authored with New York Times bestselling author and former CIA covert operative Valerie Plame Wilson, are published by Penguin Books and are also under option for feature film development.

In addition to my best-selling fiction, my non-fiction books include the award-winning “Extremely Weird” children’s series, which also aired as a network television special. My short fiction, essays, and how-to pieces are included in anthologies, and I’ve worked as a freelancer for newspapers, magazines, and National Public Radio.

I’ve studied and trained with veterans from stage, page, and screen: Natalie Goldberg, Sam Shepard, Irene Fornes, Miriam Sagan, Chris Vogler, Robert McKee, Tom Jenks, and Alan Watt. I embrace myriad writing techniques, including those of Julia Cameron, Janet Burroway, John Gardner, Dorothea Brande, and Anne Lamott. I’m a graduate of Coach U and Authentic Happiness Coaching.

My past nine creative lives include a season as guest playwright at Padua Hills Festival in California, a part as a dancing air-conditioner in a Japanese television commercial, and the role of founder and artistic director of Theatre-in-the-Red, a Rockefeller grant recipient for excellence. I’ve tried my hand at songwriting, acting, and tap dancing. I also earned a degree in criminal justice and worked for the New Mexico Office of the Attorneys General.

In addition to coaching writers around the world, I am an author, I teach creative writing, lecture on creative process, and work as a book doctor and editor as well as a story consultant. I bring my experience, connections, publishing industry network and resources as a professional writer and lifelong creative to my work.

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To learn more, email me: sarah@sarahlovett.com. You can also reach me by snail mail, 7 Ave. Vista Grande, Ste. 7, #520, Santa Fe, NM 87508; phone 1-505-466-0117; or Skype to Skype.

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I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my family and our animal menagerie.