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Non-fiction & Memoir Writers Help – Cynde Christie

Before you write your book~
writing coach cynde christieDEVELOPMENTAL EDIT/AUTHOR COACHING: As your editor/book coach, I help you develop a book concept, planning, outlining, and structuring the book. I also work with you to set a realistic schedule to get the actual writing done. In addition, I will offer advice on “voice” and target audience insights and guidance when it comes to your writing process. This will probably consist of multiple one-on-one sessions, the number and frequency is determined between editor and writer. 

For research-based books, I help you to understand how your readers will most benefit from your work and how to use your research findings within your book.

cynde christie writing coachAs you write your book~ 
FIRST DRAFT DEVELOPMENTAL & FIRST PASS: Some writers welcome the support and guidance of an editor while writing a first draft. This may include “first pass” edits as you write, such as word choice, transitions, tense, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and order, and paragraph structure and flow. This provides you with new writing tools and a new awareness of your writing craft and process. On the first pass, I read the writing, and get into the rhythm of the author’s voice and any colloquialisms, expressions or mannerisms that may really set the author apart in his or her speech. It also allows me, as your editor to track the manuscript as it unfolds, which can shave time off revisions.

After you have written your book~ 


cynde-christie-bookAfter the first pass edits and developments are complete, I move on to the Substantive edit. The Substantive edit is where your separate chapters become a manuscript. In the Substantive edit, I analyze your writing as a whole book, rather than disparate chapters. I determine logic, flow and the relationship of each chapter to the others and broad stroke changes that are necessary to help make your book the best it can be. Together we can discuss and make decisions on how best to implement suggested changes.