Are You Ready to Write Your Book?

To help you focus on what you need to become an author here are a few questions to consider while you are making that all important decision: Am I writing my book?

  • What is your goal with this book?
  • Why do you want to write your book?
  • How do you picture the book you want to write, what is it about?
  • What do you truly want to achieve by writing, revising, publishing and promoting your book?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to write your book?
  • How much time are you willing to give your book?
  • What problem do you promise to fix with your book?
  • Why is it vital that your target audience read your book?
  • What result do you want your readers to achieve from reading your book?
  • Do you still feel passionate about writing your book?
  • How will you help your readers by reading your book?
  • What actionable advice do you offer in response to what problem?
  • Visualize the face of your reader before he/she reads your book. Get a clear picture and hold the image in your memory. Now visualize your reader’s face after she/he reads your book. Get a clear picture and compare it with “before.” How has the image changed?
  • What transformation can your reader achieve by reading your book and following your actionable advice?
  • Write a 250- to 400-word mission statement that:

*clarifies why you must write this book

*tells your reader why you must share your info with them

*clarifies the purpose your book will fulfill

*makes readers & publishers feel your passion & commitment

*I want to help_____________ take action to solve __________________.

Please give these questions serious thought, this will help us guide your coaching sessions and help you start on the path you want to travel.



After the Substantive edit process, we move on to copy edit to clean up any overlooked punctuation, etc., format the manuscript for easier reading, and then on to the Beta Readers. The beta readers do a very involved critique. We provide them with a series of questions directly related to the manuscript along with a restricted version of the manuscript. They read your manuscript and by their answers to the questionnaire, we (editor and writer) learn of any holes, areas that need fleshing out. As the betas are critical readers with no backstory on the authors, they are a truly valuable asset.



We maintain a network of consultants in the book writing, public relations and promotions, and publishing fields. When you are ready, we can refer you to a marketing coach who specializes in helping authors develop their author platform—your discoverability!—something that is crucial if you want to attract an agent, an editor/publisher, and readers. Publishers need to know you will promote and sell your book and readers need to know where to find you and what you’re up to while promoting and also in between books!



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