Welcome Non-Fiction Writers to Cynde’s Blog!!

Writing a non-fiction book? Let’s talk!

Welcome to my non-fiction blog! I am a writing coach and editor for non-fiction authors. I have been helping non-fiction writers follow their dreams for three decades and believe me I have seen the gamut of topics! My blog postings will answer the most common questions that I have encountered in my many years of coaching and editing. My posts will cover all types of non-fiction:

  • business,
  • medical,
  • law,
  • finance,
  • self-help,
  • memoir,
  • spiritual,
  • political,
  • academic,
  • health,
  • and anything else that comes down the pike.

As you read my blog, if you are struggling with your non-fiction book and have a question that you need help with, please submit it in the comment section and I will answer it in the blog, or if you prefer, I will contact you directly via email.

Some of the topics I will address will include:

  • Target Audience
  • Voice
  • Data organization
  • Information flow
  • Chapter order
  • Beta prep and analysis
  • Writing consistency

My next blog will discuss the selection of your target audience and how to stay on “target!”

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