Writer’s Workshops

Personalized Writer’s Workshops
With Sarah Lovett

Get results with an affordable package of one-on-one or group sessions!

Whether you are preparing to write a book, are in mid-process, or have completed a first, second, or third draft of a full-length work, there are many ways we can work together. I offer several packages that will suit your budget and also allow you to accomplish your goals.

Get Your Best Start on Your Bestseller: 4 Steps to Get You to the Heart of Your Story

Do you have an idea for a strong, complex protagonist and now you need to develop the story? Are you just starting your novel and want to fast-track your first draft? Are you diving into your second draft revision and you’re not sure how to proceed effectively? Have you hit a wall, bogged down, or lost your way and need help getting back to your story’s heart and core? I offer a package of 4 interactive real-time 90 minute sessions to jumpstart and support your process.

In this package you also receive my preparatory PDF handouts explaining new techniques and how to implement them with simple, coordinated writing assignments to prepare you for each session and maximize your results. In addition, my supporting How-Tos will keep you on track and moving forward between your sessions. As a bonus I will also read and give you feedback on up to 2,500 words. Together we will explore these vital story questions to get to the heart and wellspring of your story:

  • Is your hero uniquely compelling, complex, and actively pursuing a meaningful goal? Do you know what she wants and why she wants it? Do you know what she truly needs?
  • Is your hero challenged to the hilt by forces of antagonism? Does your antagonist need an upgrade? Are all your characters “story worthy”?
  • Do you understand the difference between story problems and your hero’s dilemma that is the wellspring of every truly memorable story? By story’s end has your hero undergone a full arc of transformation?
  • Do you know your story hook, premise, crucial scenes, turning points, what is at stake, and how to reveal your story through active discovery? Have you brought the world of your story to life? Does your story build organically to a powerful climax? Do you deliver a satisfying, yet surprising, ending that will resonate with your reader long after the final page?

When we pinpoint areas of weakness I will help you discover your own solutions. This kind of one-on-one story workshop can shave weeks, months, even years off the process of writing your novel or memoir.

The cost of this 4-session package is $450.00 This package equals a value of more than $800 if you were to schedule individual sessions.


**This writer’s workshop is offered in a package of four one-to-one real time sessions flexibly timed to suit your schedule. To be most effective, this package should be completed within five weeks. If you wish to continue your coaching after completing a package, you may purchase another package or simply opt for my hourly fee. 

Are you a member of a writing group or organization? I also teach this popular workshop in a group setting, and I customize it to fit the needs of your organization. (Workshop fee to be agreed upon in advance.)