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Writing Coach Cynde Christie

cynde christie

My interest in editing and coaching came to me quite organically. I love to read, can diagram a sentence in my sleep and love learning new things. As a non-fiction editor, I happily do all three. My passion is my authors and the wonderful new ideas they bring to me. Nonfiction writers tend to focus on science, business, How-to, Self-Help and memoir. Most often, the purpose of their work is to educate their readers. What a noble calling!

We work side by side as a team on everything about your book from the planning stage, to the actual writing, analyzing research and the necessary structure and organization of your book, to preparing for publication. At the appropriate time, I will introduce you to our allies in the marketing and publicity fields to get your book on the right track for publication. Building your platform is vital!

As a painter and lifelong writer, I understand the creative process and I bring this experience to our coaching and editing sessions. I started my career as an accountant, which gave me the necessary training to be very detail oriented and helps me in the analysis process for the research sections of science and business based books. I also write and edit for the aparallelworld.com website, which offers both education and resources for sustainable living. I have been editing/coaching for around 30 years and I know that together we can make your book the very best book possible!

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband, Bob, also a writer, and our Vizsla puppy, Copper, and our two kitties, Futzel and Lukie.